How we do it



We will identify the most appropriate format for your survey ensuring it is relevant for the audience being surveyed. Increasingly we are moving towards online surveys.

We design our questionnaires for ease of completion. They look good in a range of formats, from smartphone to PC. They will be designed in your corporate colours and include your logo.

We can provide questionnaires in a range of languages to reflect the characteristics of your audience.

The questionnaire can be routed according to customer responses, allowing us to keep the questions relevant and minimise drop-out.

The surveys included a ‘save’ option providing the opportunity for recipients to return to the survey from the point they were at when they ran out of time.  

We can distribute the survey using your own customer databases, subject to data protection legislation.

If you do not have a database we can collect email addresses onsite from your visitors to whom the survey can be sent.

We can distribute the survey at scheduled times (for example, the day after visitors attend a performance) and issue reminders to ensure a good response rate.

We use powerful Snap survey software to provide you with detailed analysis, breaking the data down according to specific demographic or behavioural characteristics.

Our reports are easy to digest and disseminate, with key findings clearly presented and interpreted with reference to your own strategic goals.

Paper-based questionnaires can be used to supplement online questionnaires if this is what the sample prefers.

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