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We are licence holders for Mosaic UK and Mosaic Scotland – you choose which is most appropriate for your organisation.

Unlike other segmentation models, there is no need for lots of attitude segments – all you need is a postcode.

Using Mosaic, which applies to every household in the UK, allows you to identify not only who is coming through the door – but who isn’t, and where you can find them.

We can provide you with detailed demographic and lifestyle data for each Group and Type, as well as propensity data across a range of variables.

We can bring a new perspective on comparator analysis – you choose the comparator and we can compare their catchment profile to yours.

We embed Mosaic into other research methodologies wherever possible, ensuring that the benefits can be applied across the organisation.

The option to profile your database includes a full data audit and clean, ensuring that your databases are up-to date, GDPR compliant and of maximum value to you.

With a flexible and competitive approach to pricing, we can add significant value to your understanding of your customers and the wider marketplace.

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