How we do it



We work with you to ensure that the topic guide is relevant to your own strategic objectives and to the specific objectives of your research.

We design our questionnaires for ease of completion, using iPads for seamless data gathering and user-friendly formats.

We can provide questionnaires in a range of languages to reflect the characteristics of your audience.

We use powerful Snap survey software to provide you with detailed analysis, breaking the data down according to specific demographic or behavioural characteristics.

Our reports are easy to digest and disseminate, with key findings clearly presented and interpreted with reference to your own strategic goals.

We can provide you with a reliable and well-trained fieldforce that can work across the country. We know our interviewers well and work closely with them to ensure that interview targets are achieved.

We can train your own staff or volunteers if you would like to collect the data yourself.

Focus groups


Panel research

Depth interviews

Visitor observation

Mystery shopping


Staff training

Mosaic licensed

Desk research