You can learn a great deal from watching how your visitors behave. Visitor observation is an efficient and insightful research tool that allows you to gain a great deal of insight in a short space of time. Often visitors will tell you they have seen/done/engaged in a certain way when observation of their behaviour may tell you something completely different!

We might consider using visitor observation if:

  • You want to gain insight into visitor behaviour and what influences the way in which they orientate a space, gallery, etc.
  • Your customers are moving around a large and complex site and it is difficult to get an overview of visitor “flow”.
  • You are designing or redeveloping a new space and require information about how visitors currently use the area.
  • You want to understand how visitors engage with interpretation i.e. interactive touchscreens.
  • You want to determine why some areas are visited more than others.
  • You want to know how visitor behaviour patterns change over time.
  • You would like to test the effectiveness of your orientation materials and signage.

Visitor observation - Scotinformed

  • We work closely with you at the start of the project to ensure that the observations we take are pertinent and answer your questions.
  • Where you require traditional counts, we use experienced and trained professional researchers to gather the data, meaning that you can be confident in its validity
  • If you prefer, we can use new technology to “track” visitors as they move throughout the site. This has the advantage of removing the observer from the scene and even allows you to listen to visitors’ discussions as they decide how to navigate your space!
  • We can combine the observation data with other methodologies, such as depth interviews or mini groups, to provide further insight into the observation findings and explore further with visitors what influenced their behaviour.