Online focus groups

Over the last couple of years we have seen the number of online groups we run really skyrocket. Combining the synergies and interaction of a traditional group with the convenience of participating from your own home or office is often the best of both worlds for our clients – and for our participants.

We might consider online groups if:

Participants are dispersed geographically – we have recently run groups with participants living in several different time zones!

Participants are time-poor and would be unlikely to be able to commit to a face to face session.

Participants are known to be comfortable communicating online; feedback from univserity students, for example, has shown that they felt more confident about participating in online groups than meeting strangers face to face.

You require rich, qualitative insight into a range of topics – including responses to visual stimulus such as brand identities or interpretation.

Online Groups, Scotinformed

Accessing the group is easy – participants receive straightforward joining instructions and full technical support is provided. The groups are text –based (no webcams) so there is no need to worry about lengthy buffering or tidying the living room!

You are welcome to log on and observe the groups. We always tag team – one Scotinformer runs the group and the second is available to answer your questions and make sure you are happy with how the discussion is going.

The transcript is available immediately the group has finished but we will always offer full reporting and analysis to put the research into context.

Our reports provide detailed interpretation of the findings, including quotes from participants to communicate their views and perceptions.