Telephone surveys

This methodology is tried and tested and one we have been using for as long as Scotinform has been undertaking research! It’s particularly useful for business to business research and where clients have a database of customers with contact details. We have also used this technique to speak with audiences which can be difficult to target ie teachers.  

We might consider telephone surveys if:
  • You want to be sure that we speak directly to the most appropriate person within the organisation.
  • You have a sample of customers together with their contact details.
  • You want to acquire both quantitative and qualitative feedback.
  • Your customers are geographically widespread.
Phone surveys, Scotinformed
  • Our surveys are designed to meet your aims and objectives and to be appropriate for telephone interviewing.
  • This process works particularly well when you send out an email to alert your customers to the fact that you have commissioned independent research and why you have done so. This means that respondents are more receptive to receiving a call from us.
  • When dealing with the business community we acknowledge the need to identify a mutually convenient time for the interview to take place.
  • Our telephone interviewers have significant experience of this process and are professional at all times.
  • We will contact someone just three times to secure an interview. We do not wish to be perceived as hassling an individual as this can reflect badly on you.
  • Once completed, the surveys will be input to Snap software allowing us to create tables of analysis.
  • Our reports are easy to digest and disseminate, with key findings clearly presented and interpreted with reference to your own strategic goals.