Training staff in research techniques

Our clients tell us that they think of us as part of their team, and if it is your preference we are happy to hand over the data collection side of the research. We can provide you with the equipment, skills and expertise required to collect high quality information yourselves, and then you can give it to us for analysis and reporting.

We might consider training your staff if:
  • You are undertaking a longitudinal research programme.
  • You would prefer to control the data collection process yourself.
  • Your staff are already engaged with customers at the point of data collection and it would make logistical sense for them to undertake research themselves.
  • You believe that this is an ideal way for staff to engage with customers at some stage during the customer experience.
  • Your sites are geographically remote or dispersed and it would not be practical to use traditional interviewers.
  • You have limited budget and wish to retain the monies you have for our expertise in analysis and reporting.
Staff Training, Scotinformed
  • We deliver the training ourselves, so you get the full benefit of our experience and enthusiasm.
  • We have worked with staff and volunteers from a range of backgrounds, and understand the requirements of different groups.
  • We make sure that we brief staff fully about the aims of the research and how the findings will be used. In our experience, this generates higher quality research. We make staff feel involved with every stage of the process from data capture to reporting findings.
  • We are able to track staff progress once they start, and are happy to respond to their questions and suggestions.
  • Our equipment and data analysis software is designed to be as easy to use as possible.
  • We can provide additional technical backup should you need us.