Panel research

Having identified people willing to take part in further research via online surveys, exit surveys etc, we can build a panel of research participants for clients which is a cost-effective and time efficient means of capturing their views as you continue to develop and grow services, etc.

We might consider panel research:
  • If a number of people responded positively when asked if they were willing to take part in further research.
  • You will be developing services, facilities, events etc over a period of time and it will be useful to tap into your customers/potential customers on a regular basis to capture their views.
  • You wish to build long-standing relationships and create ambassadors who will speak positively about your organisation and how it listens to its customers.  
Panel Research, Scotinformed
  • We will manage the panel on your behalf making sure that participants are not sent too many research requests but ensuring that they still feel engaged.
  • We will capture key characteristics of panel members in order that we contact them only when the topic/theme is relevant to them.
  • We will review panel members annually making sure that they are still willing to be contributors.
  • You can reward panel members for their contribution and commitment by inviting them to attend special launches, etc.