Mystery shopping

Mystery shopping provides you with the opportunity to see yourselves as others see you! How good is your customer engagement? Do you have customer standards that you want to make sure are being met? Are your core messages being communicated? This methodology will allow you to identify development and training needs by ensuring that your staff know what is required of them and that you are confident they have the skills to deliver an excellent customer experience. Mystery shopping can take the form of a personal visit, a telephone call, sending an email or accessing information from your website. Our mystery shopping studies include all customer touchpoints and are tailored to your strategic objectives.  

We might consider mystery shopping if:
  • You want clear insight into the customer experience – its strengths and its weaknesses.
  • You want to identify areas for staff development.
  • You need to know whether you are delivering a customer experience which will ensure that you achieve accreditation from a key external organisation, such as VisitScotland.
Mystery Shopping, Scotinformed
  • Our mystery shoppers are clearly briefed and trained. They know what they are looking for and how best to capture and report on the customer experience.
  • We design the questionnaires to make sure that they capture customer standards but also the overall visitor experience, generating both quantitative and qualitative feedback. Our clients appreciate the direct quotes from mystery visitors, which explain in more detail what was good, and not so good, about a visitor experience.
  • Our mystery shoppers encompass all customer types. They will visit as part of a family group or with other adults. If you want to understand if your organisation meets the needs of people with disabilities, then we will send a person with a disability in order to capture that experience.
  • We can provide on-the-spot feedback with the mystery visitor talking through with key personnel, such as a Duty Manager, what they have experienced on the day.  
  • Our reports will include RAG tables (Red, Amber, Green) clearly highlighting areas of concern (highlighted in red), for development (highlighted in amber) and where customer standards are being met (highlighted in green).
  • Where appropriate, our reports will include photographs to accompany the mystery shopper’s feedback. Our reports are easy to digest and disseminate, with key findings clearly presented and interpreted with reference to your own customer standards.