If you work in marketing or business planning, chances are that you'll have heard of Mosaic, a powerful tool that segments UK residents into Groups and Types to provide detailed demographic and marketing information. Scotinform is one of the few research agencies that holds a licence for both Mosaic Scotland and Mosaic UK, ensuring that you get a profile that is relevant to your market every time.

Combining our thorough and bespoke research methodologies with Mosaic allows us to create a profiling and segmentation process that is unique to you and is expressed in a way that your marketing and media partners will understand. And, as you'd expect with Scotinform, we can offer excellent value. 

We can offer two options to our clients - Aggregate Reporting, giving you the profile of all of your records as a group, or individual profiling of your database. The latter option means that you can sort your database by Group or Type and tailor your marketing and communications accordingly. 

We might consider using Mosaic:
  • If you require market profiles of your catchment area, to provide a quick and cost effective way to identify potential demand for a product or service.
  • If you would like to profile your database of customers or supporters to understand more about their lifestyles, buying behaviour and media consumption.
  • To analyse the postcodes of respondents to a visitor survey and compare this against a profile of the catchment area to identify strategic targets for marketing and audience development.
  • If you would like to maximise the value of your CRM or databases by appending Mosaic data to your records.
  • If you would like to segment your audiences. We can combine the bespoke information collected through a quantitative survey with information from Mosaic to create a powerful segmentation tool that is unique to you yet speaks the language of media buyers and advertising agencies - the best of both worlds! 
Mosaic, Scotinformed
  • We are licence holders for Mosaic UK and Mosaic Scotland – you choose which is most appropriate for your organisation.
  • Unlike other segmentation models, there is no need for lots of attitude segments – all you need is a postcode.
  • Using Mosaic, which applies to every household in the UK, allows you to identify not only who is coming through the door – but who isn’t, and where you can find them.
  • We can provide you with detailed demographic and lifestyle data for each Group and Type, as well as propensity data across a range of variables.
  • We can bring a new perspective on comparator analysis – you choose the comparator and we can compare their catchment profile to yours.
  • We embed Mosaic into other research methodologies wherever possible, ensuring that the benefits can be applied across the organisation.
  • The option to profile your database includes a full data audit and clean, ensuring that your databases are up-to date, GDPR compliant and of maximum value to you.
  • With a flexible and competitive approach to pricing, we can add significant value to your understanding of your customers and the wider marketplace.